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3 Must-Have Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Equipment

commercial kitchen fire protection equipment

Here are three absolutely essential pieces of commercial kitchen fire protection equipment.

Commercial kitchens can be a hazardous place. When it comes to fire safety in a commercial kitchen, you can never be too careful. Deep fryers, grills, ranges, and more have the potential to create a fire hazard at a moment’s notice. Having a safety plan and all of the commercial fire protection equipment necessary is vital to running a safe kitchen. Here are three absolutely essential pieces of commercial kitchen fire protection equipment.

  • Kitchen Hood Suppression System

A kitchen hood suppression system is a unit that dispenses flame-suppressing chemicals while shutting off gas or electricity to the appliance being affected by the fire. The hood will also suck up any smoke coming off of the fire to prevent the entire kitchen from filling with smoke and vapor. These systems are extremely useful in putting out commercial kitchen fires because they immediately cut off the fire’s fuel source and douse the flames. This minimizes the fire’s impact on the rest of the kitchen.

  • Class K Portable Fire Extinguisher

Portable fire extinguishers are another vital piece of commercial kitchen fire protection equipment. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has many codes and guidelines, one of which is that portable fire extinguishers should be located in all commercial buildings. Class K wet chemical extinguishers, which are designed to fight kitchen fires caused by hot oils and fats, are ideal, though you should consider additional fire extinguishers of different classes based on the potential hazards in your kitchen.

  • Lighted Signs

Lighted exit signs are so ubiquitous that you might not think of them as something you need to purchase or maintain, but they are an important piece of commercial kitchen fire protection equipment. There are many different types of signs that get their luminescence from different sources. Tritium exit signs are popular, but LED and photoluminescent signs are also gaining popularity due to shortages of tritium gas and the hazards associated with it.


Be Prepared From Day One

While having adequately stocked and maintained commercial kitchen fire protection equipment is crucial, nothing can replace having a well-trained staff. Be sure to train all of your kitchen staff in the different types of common kitchen fires, how to operate fire protection devices, and where to evacuate if necessary. If you have any questions about the preparedness of your commercial kitchen, contact the professionals at Biles Fire Protection.

Questions? Biles Fire Protection is Here to Help

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