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Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems Part 1: Three Vital Functions

commercial kitchen hood systems

For the first blog in a multi-part series, we will discuss the three functions that commercial kitchen hood systems serve.

In this first installment of a multi-part series on commercial kitchen hood systems, we will discuss the three vital functions that commercial kitchen hood systems perform.

Commercial kitchens are present everywhere from restaurants and hotels to schools and hospitals, but they are also some of the most heavily-protected and regulated spaces when it comes to fire safety and prevention. Ovens, ranges, and deep fryers present considerable fire risk with improper use or neglected maintenance. One crucial piece of fire safety equipment for commercial kitchens is the hood system. Commercial kitchen hood systems are ubiquitous, but it is important for business owners and employees to know the basics of these essential pieces of equipment. For the first blog in a multi-part series, we will discuss the three functions that commercial kitchen hood systems serve.

  • Fire Suppression

The first and most important thing that commercial kitchen hood systems do is suppress fires that break out on ranges, fryers, and any other appliance above which they are installed. Many local building codes require that you install a kitchen hood above any appliances that produce smoke and grease. Fire suppression systems in kitchen hoods generally work to put out fires without necessitating the full shutdown of the rest of the kitchen. This allows food to be produced in other areas of the kitchen, reducing food waste, wait times, and employee stress.

  • Odor Control

One purpose of kitchen hoods that some people might not think about is their ability to control odors produced by cooking (or burning) food. While it might not seem as important as fire suppression, odor control is crucial in commercial kitchens that prepare pungent foods. Hood systems keep odors from traveling to other parts of your restaurant or building, which is particularly useful for commercial kitchens that share buildings with other establishments.

  • Grease, Heat, and Smoke Management

The capacity for a kitchen hood to remove smoke, grease, and heat is essential for the safety of your staff. Appliances used for preparing food can create vast amounts of heat and smoke, which can be extremely detrimental to the people using said appliances. Grease that is not removed correctly can build up on appliances and the surrounding area, creating safety risks and requiring intense cleaning.

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