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Do You Need a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System?

In order to know whether you require a special fire hazard suppression system or not, it is important to first understand what the fire suppression system and the special hazard fire protection system offer. You also must know what constitutes a special hazard. In order to have all of your questions answered so you can make the best and safest choice, read on.   

special hazard fire suppression

Do you know what a special hazard fire suppression system is for?

What Constitutes Special Hazards?

Special hazards include but are not limited to these situations. They include any area containing equipment or processes of very high value or any area containing one of a kind or irreplaceable assets. Examples of spaces which fit this description are museums, art galleries, archives, and records storage. Special hazards also can be used to describe any area or process where the monetary value of what is being produced, or the function of producing, is worth more than the equipment being used. Special hazards are just as diverse as the circumstances which require a fire suppression system. Some common places in which you will find a special hazard fire suppression system include   data centers,  power generation, machinery spaces, manufacturing and testing facilities, healthcare facilities, and telecommunications. These spaces could even be damaged by a traditional fire suppression system.  

What Does A Special Hazard Fire Suppression System Do?

A special hazard fire suppression system is designed to detect an oncoming fire or heat condition. Traditionally sprinklers are a major part of a fire suppression system, but if they are not appropriate for a certain facility’s needs, a special hazard fire suppression system is implemented. These use clean agents, inert gases, CO2, foam, and a number of other materials. These systems protect people with minimal business interruption and loss of assets or data. They also require specially trained personnel to design, install, repair, and maintain them.

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