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Everything You Should Know About Smoke Alarms

Everything You Should Know About Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are an absolute must for both residential and commercial properties.

Fire safety is one of the most important topics that we should stay up to date on. It’s important because when emergency situations do occur, we aren’t in the position of having to play catch up, and that we are knowledgeable of the processes and tools that will lead us to safety. With that said, having an in-depth knowledge of fire alarms and smoke alarms is key to knowing what is necessary for your home or commercial property. Here is a rundown of everything you should know about smoke alarms.

Types of Smoke Alarms

There are different types of smoke alarms and, depending on the size of or uses in your space, one may be more efficient for the needs of your space than the other. Ionization-based smoke alarms are ideal for detecting the heat of flames that have already been ignited. The other type, photoelectric smoke alarms, are more sensitive, and able to detect smoldering fires. Some buildings may require a combination of both types of smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

One of the most basic steps in smoke alarm maintenance is regularly testing your smoke alarms to ensure that they will function properly in the event of an emergency. As a precaution, the batteries in your smoke alarms should be changed annually. Reminders for this often come when day light saving time ends and begins. Be careful not to alter your smoke alarm in any way, like with paint or any other accessories or changes. Another safety measure that should be taken, but it sometimes overlooked, is completely changing the smoke alarms after about 10 years of use for continued safety.  

Your Smoke Alarm Needs and Added Benefits

Depending on the size and needs of your space, more smoke alarms may be necessary than what you currently have. Each floor of a home should be covered by having a smoke alarm and in large commercial spaces, more than one is usually necessary on one floor. Some smoke alarms can also detect carbon monoxide, another danger to people.  

Fire Alarm Systems from Biles Fire Protection

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