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Why is Fire Alarm Monitoring Important?

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring is a critical piece of the puzzle for good fire protection.

Creating a comprehensive fire safety plan for your commercial property is critical to ensuring the safety of your employees and customers, in addition to being required by law. Fire alarm monitoring is a great component of many of the most effective fire safety systems. Why is fire alarm monitoring important?

What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Fire alarm monitoring uses a relay between your physical property and emergency services, like fire and ambulance. Whenever the alarm goes off at your commercial property, a signal will be sent to the monitoring company. The fire alarm monitoring company will notify the appropriate emergency services and send them on the way, all within less than a minute. Many times, fire alarm monitoring services mean a radical difference in the amount of damage sustained by your building.

Why Is Fire Alarm Monitoring So Important?

Fire alarm monitoring allows you to get a head start on stopping the fire before you even have the time to pick up your phone and dial 911. Fires can spread in mere minutes and devour buildings within an hour. As a result, the sooner that fire services are notified, the quicker that they will be there to stop the spread. Fire alarm monitoring systems are designed to be so fast that they can actually beat people on the scene calling themselves.

Fire alarm monitoring also allows you to focus on what is important—saving the lives inside of the building. Instead of forcing your employees to choose between dialing 911 and starting the evacuation process, potentially causing human and property loss, rely on fire alarm monitoring. Fire alarm monitoring can also be coupled with additional loss prevention services, like carbon monoxide detection, instruction detection, and other life safety protection services.

Commercial Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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