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What You Should Know About Fire Alarm Maintenance

What You Should Know About Fire Alarm Maintenance

Have your fire alarm system inspected by a professional fire safety service.

For fire safety systems to be efficient, they must be well maintained and inspected on a regular basis. This is also true for fire alarm maintenance. Fire alarms make an important difference between safety and peril. They are the component of a fire protection system that alerts people of impending fire danger. To ensure that all components are working properly, here is a guide to what you should know about fire alarm maintenance.


Have your fire alarm system inspected by a professional fire safety service. These certified or licensed professionals will be able to check all the necessary components to ensure that they are operating properly. This process should include an exterior visual inspection and then a more in-depth evaluation. The professionals are looking for if the alarm is located properly, if there is any physical damage for the alarm itself, and if the operation manuals are readily available.  


Testing of the fire alarm is necessary to ensure that it will active appropriately in response to a fire emergency. This service should happen annually and coincide with refreshing employees of the emergency evacuation plan. Included with the testing is checking the alarm sensors and initiating devices as well as the smoke and heat detectors. Be sure that, on the day of testing, all employees and other people in the building have been notified so that they don’t think the testing is an actual emergency. Fire service professionals use a synthetic smoke with which to test the alarm.  

Keep Records  

Many of the components associated with fire safety systems come with records and documentation that outline all the important information associated with that device. An example is the labels attached to the fire extinguishers. These records help make sure that everyone who maintains or services the device will know the last time it was inspected and when it should be scheduled for its next maintenance.  

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