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Tips for Testing Your Smoke Alarm

Tips for Testing Your Smoke Alarm

Your smoke alarm should be periodically inspected and tested to make sure that each element is operating optimally.

The various components of your fire protection system can only keep your safe if they are working properly. To ensure this, they should be periodically inspected and tested to make sure that each element is operating optimally. Your smoke alarm is no exception. Many people take this small piece of equipment because of its size and many locations around your home and office. However, they should also be tested to make sure that they will work when you need them. Here are some tips for testing your smoke alarm.

Know When to Test

Throughout the year, you should test your smoke alarm at least once a month. You’ll notice a small button on the side that you can press to make sure that it’s working. Next, you should replace the batteries in each alarm every six months. A great way to remember is to change that batters during the same weekend as daylight savings time. Other than these circumstances, you should test your smoke alarm if it ever goes off without incitement, if kitchen smoke causes it to trigger more than normal, and if you’ve noticed that it gives off false alarms in general.

Type of Smoke Alarm

To effectively test your smoke alarm, you should know which type you have. If your smoke alarm is hard-wired, then you have one that is powered by electricity. This type is generally considered to be more reliable than battery-operated alarms. On the other hand, hard-wired alarms need an electrician to make sure that they are installed properly and should still have a battery backup system. Battery-operated alarms are easier to install but require constant testing and maintenance.

How to Test

Test your smoke alarm according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Let everyone in your building or home know that you are about to conduct a test on the alarm. Next, follow the provided instructions. Make sure that when the alarm is triggered, it can be heard by everyone in the vicinity. As people the furthest distance away from the alarm if they can hear it clearly. After your test, take the time to make sure that the smoke alarm is clear of any dust and debris that could inhibit it from working properly.     

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