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Fire Doors For Commercial Fire Protection

Fire Doors For Commercial Fire Protection

Fire doors are an important safety feature for your commercial business.

The argument can be made that there should be fire doors in every commercial building across the country. They are an important fire safety feature just like sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems. They have saved many lives over the years and are an important investment. With that said, fire doors are a critical component for commercial fire protection. Here is what you should know about them!

The Importance Of Fire Doors

Not only are fire doors essential for commercial fire protection, but they are also a requirement on a state and national level. Be sure to check your building codes to see what is required of you.

Key Components To Look For

There are several aspects that you want to have on your checklist when you are buying fire doors for your commercial building. Not only are they important safety features, but also may be a required by law.

Seals– These are on the edges of your fire doors. They prevent heat and smoke from getting around the doors in the event of a fire.

Who Manufactured The Door– You want to make sure you are getting your doors from a reputable manufacturer, so you know they were constructed by an approved source.

Labels– Every fire door should have labels on it. The labels should have detailed instructions that explain to people how the doors should be used in emergency situations.

Intended length of time it will stop a fire– Be sure the door you select can hold off a fire for at least an adequate period.

Inspecting Your Fire Doors

Your fire doors should be checked on a yearly basis from your local fire department to ensure they are up to functioning correctly and are up to code.

Fire Door Maintenance

-Replace old fire doors

-Don’t leave your fire doors open for extended periods of time

-Don’t ever block your fire doors because it will become a safety hazard.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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