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Fire Hazards in Your Office This Winter

Fire Hazards in Your Office This Winter

Protect your office from these common fire hazards this winter!

Recognizing fire hazards in your office is the first step in fire safety. Ensuring that these areas of concern are appropriately addressed will immediately make your workplace a safer and more suitable environment in which to work. As we use heat to make indoor spaces more comfortable, the winter season can often exacerbate these hazards. Recognize them in your office so that you can create a safer place to work.


Just like in homes and apartments, electric space heaters also create a fire hazard in offices. Even when the company doesn’t provide or use space heaters widely throughout the office, employees sometimes take it upon themselves to bring in small units to heat their individual offices or cubicle workspaces. These heaters do get quite hot and pose a tipping hazard if they are ever knocked over. Be sure to keep the space heaters in clear spaces and away from flammable materials. Don’t use it to dry wet clothing and make sure that all exit areas are clear.

Christmas Trees

‘Tis the season when companies add some holiday flair to the office by putting up menorahs, Christmas trees, and other holiday decorations. Many of these items are harmless, but Christmas trees, especially real ones, do create a fire hazard. Make sure that the tree remains sufficiently watered throughout the season to keep it from drying out. Ensure that all lights used to decorate the tree are working properly and that all of the cords are safe and orderly. Finally, make sure that your tree placement doesn’t obstruct any entryways or exits.


In the winter, we are often plugging in more appliances due to the cold weather. Be careful not to overload any of the outlets as that can create a fire hazard. Using space heaters, holiday decorations that use lights, or even just more lighting because of the shorter amount of daylight during the work day are all extra accessories that use outlets. Make sure that the plugs for these accessories are safe to use and that the areas around the outlets are clear of any flammable materials.  

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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