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Fire Safety Tricks and Tips for Maryland College Dorms

With cold weather quickly approaching, college students throughout Maryland are getting ready to cozy up for the winter. Although college rooms should be warm and cozy, fires on college campuses happen far more frequently during the winter so it is important to learn basic elements of fire safety. Stay safe this winter by learning more about how to prevent disaster in this week’s blog.


Fire safety is especially important in college dorms.

Fire Safety Tricks and Tips for Maryland College Dorms

Create an exit strategy

Make sure that you are fully aware of where fire exits are located. Come up with at least 2 separate pathways from your dorm room to the outside so that you are prepared in the case of an emergency. It’s also wise to create fire exit plans from other areas of your dorm building where you spend a lot of time, such as the laundry room.

Talk to your RA

Most college campuses have established fire safety plans in place, but students are not always made aware of these protocols. Ask your RA to go over the school’s fire safety plan with you. They also may be able to help you come up with your exit strategy as they may be more familiar with the college dorm buildings than you are.

Say no to fires

Although candles can add a cute decorative element to your room, open flames in college dorms present a huge fire risk and should be avoided. Never smoke indoors or light any sort of flame in your room.

Keep a close eye on cooking

If you have a hotplate or any other type of electric cooking surface in your room, never leave it unattended. Electrical fires are especially dangerous and can spread in an instant before you’ve even realized there’s a problem. A microwave is a much safer option.

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