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Four Workplace Fire Hazards to be Aware of this Season

Four Workplace Fire Hazards to be Aware of this Season

Keep your employees safe with these tips!

Is your workplace fully aware of its potential fire risks? Office fires are more common than you might think, and often the source is one of several easily avoidable causes. Safety in the workplace is a team effort, but that means that everyone must be aware of the dangers. Today we’ll walk you through four of the most common office fire causes.


While smoking has gone significantly out of fashion in the last 30 years, there are still those that partake, and often the habit results in the threat of fires. Ensuring that your workplace as well equipped, designated areas for smokers can help reduce risks. These areas should be well away from the building and in a space that has few fire risks. Additionally, a proper disposal unit should be in place to reduce the chances of fire even further.

Computer Equipment

Many pieces of computer equipment like towers and servers can generate a lot of heat. When these systems aren’t kept adequately cleaned and ventilated you can wind up with a fire hazard that is detrimental to every part of your business. Have your IT team routinely check your entire system to ensure that there is no buildup of dust and lint that can serve as kindling and that there is no undue stress on your units.

Electric Equipment

There are many types of risks that electrical equipment can create. With overused appliances, if the wires are tapped, spliced, or worn down they can quickly become a hazard. Additionally, if an outlet is overworked or wired faultily, the risk for fire starting at an electrical outlet is possible. To prevent these issues monitor wires routinely to check for any signs of wear, and hire a competent electrician to perform routine checks of your system.

Cooking Materials

Even if your office kitchen contains little more than a coffee maker and a microwave it can be the source of a severe office fire. Kitchen appliances are always at risk of high wear, so make sure to check them on a regular basis thoroughly. If you have more severe equipment like toasters and stoves. Make sure that the staff knows never to leave these items unattended and ensure that they have the training needed to respond to any issues quickly.

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