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How to Create a Fire Safety Plan To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

No matter how you slice it, home fires are always a scary occurrence. In 2011, nearly 1.4 million fires were recorded which caused more than $11 billion in damage. While the property loss is staggering, it is the dangers to human life that is really scary: in that same year, 17,500 were injured in a fire and more than 3,000 people died. While it is impossible to guarantee that you will never experience a residential fire, there are steps that you can take to be prepared in case one does happen so that you can minimize its damage. Learn all you need to know about creating a residential fire safety plan in today’s blog.


Have you created a fire safety plan yet?

How to Create a Fire Safety Plan To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Map it out

With every member of your household present, walk through your home and determine every possible point of exit and possible escape route. If you have children, you may want to draw out a map with escape routes clearly labeled and at least 2 exit points per room (these can include windows and doors). Establish a plan for where you will meet in case a fire does occur: This location should be a safe distance away from your home so a neighbors house or street lamp are idea. Ensure that every member of the family thoroughly understands the plan and the meeting place, and write it up and hang it in a prominent location, if needed.

A smoke alarm for every room

You can never have too many smoke alarms but for comprehensive coverage, you should have at least one in every bedroom as well as on each level of your home. It is also recommended to install an alarm outside of every room, and a system of interconnected alarms will be most effective. You might want to consider a residential sprinkler system as well.

Make sure your home is identifiable

Try an experiment tonight: After dark, go out to the middle of your street and then see if you can read your home’s street number. If you can’t make it out quickly and easily then you need to make it more visible for emergency personnel. Install new, larger numbers or paint on the curb in front of your home to ensure that a fire truck could establish your location.

Biles Fire Protection Services is Here to Help

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