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How to Replace Burnt Out Exit Lights

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If your exit lights burn out, it’s your responsibility to fix it. How do you go about doing that?

One of your biggest responsibilities as a business owner or manager is keeping your employees and customers safe from fire hazards. Your commercial fire suppression system is comprised of many parts which are subject to occasional inspection and need some basic maintenance from time to time to keep everyone safe. One essential part of a good fire suppression system is your emergency exit lights. If one burns out, it is your responsibility under OSHA and LIFE SAFETY codes to fix it to keep it fully functional. How do you go about replacing a burnt out exit light?

Determine the Cause

You might think that replacing a burnt out exit light may be as simple as replacing a regular light bulb. However, exit lights have three components which you’ll need to check – main bulbs, the low-voltage bulb, and the reserve battery. The main bulbs are powered 24/7 and switch from main power to battery power in the event of an emergency. The low-voltage bulb is powered by battery only during an emergency – the exit sign will fail to glow in an emergency if this bulb is burnt out. Finally, the reserve battery itself may need to be replaced if the bulbs are okay.

Replace the Component

Once you’ve determined the faulty component, you can take steps to replace it. Remove the front panel from the sign and locate the problem. Remove the damaged part and replace it with a compatible replacement.

Consider Replacing the Entire Sign

Older exit signs run on incandescent bulbs and need frequent maintenance and attention. If you’re tired of the frequent need to replace burnt out bulbs, consider replacing all of your exit signs with ones that use LED lighting. These signs last for decades before burning out and use much less energy than conventional signs, saving you money over the long term. A professional fire protection team can come out and help you replace these signs with more energy efficient ones!

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