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Protect Your Office Server Room from Fires

Server Room

An office server room has unique fire protection needs.

While traditional fire suppression systems can help save lives and property, in some situations they can cause just as much damage as the fire they put out. Take, for example, office server rooms. Sprinklers and ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers can put out fires effectively, but using these in a server room can cause major damage. Server rooms contain valuable equipment that can cause huge losses in productivity if damaged. So how do you go about protecting the office server room from fires?

Comply with the Fire Code

The National Fire Prevention Association and your municipal government set minimum standards for fire protection that can lead to big fines and inadequate protection if not followed properly. A  professional fire suppression company will be able to make sense of your local rules and regulations to help you decide the best system for your unique needs that complies with local code.

Understand Your Insurance Policy

It’s a good idea to take a close look at your fire insurance policy. Often these policies have fire protection requirements above and beyond local requirements. If a fire occurs in your server room and your suppression system doesn’t meet these requirements, your insurance company may not pay for the replacement of the equipment damaged in the fire.

Clean Agent Suppression System

A fire in an office server room can be catastrophic for businesses. It can destroy your computer equipment as well as all of the data stored within. If these systems are critical to your business, you may want to think about having a clean agent suppression system installed in the server room. They are preferred in these areas because fire damage is usually limited strictly to the equipment and they are easy to clean up after.

Understand the Risks

Assume the worst case scenario. How does a fire in your office server room affect your operations? By considering this, you should be able to make decisions on the level of protection your facility needs while also balancing out the requirements of your insurance company and local government.

Call Biles Fire Protection for All Your Fire Protection Needs

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