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4 Sprinkler Malfunctions that Require Same-Day Sprinkler Service

same-day sprinkler service

Here are four different scenarios in which sprinkler malfunctions or damage can be addressed by same-day sprinkler service.

Although the accidental discharge of sprinkler systems is rare, there are a few different scenarios in which it is possible. When sprinklers discharge accidentally or experience structural deficiencies, water damage can happen fast. Situations like this benefit from same-day sprinkler service to diagnose and resolve the issue, minimizing water damage and maintaining a sufficient level of fire safety. Here are four different scenarios in which sprinkler malfunctions or damage can be addressed by same-day sprinkler service.

1. Vandalism or Mechanical Damage

Sprinkler systems can sustain accidental mechanical damage, but sometimes causing severe damage to a fire sprinkler is an intentional act. Folks in correctional facilities, hospitals, schools, and other places may, whether accidentally or on purpose, tamper with a fire sprinkler system in a destructive manner. When this occurs, same-day sprinkler service is vital. A damaged sprinkler system can cause water damage fast.

2. Corrosion

Unfortunately, any system with metal pipes which are exposed to water and air can corrode. While corrosion is rarely an acute problem, sprinkler system owners may not be aware of the issue until it is too late. Corrosion can lead to a full-on structural failure of pipes, which can cause flooding. The damaged pipes should be removed or repaired as soon as possible to staunch the flow of water and restore function to the sprinkler system.

3. Accidental Overheating

Most fire sprinkler systems are triggered by heat. A small, heat-sensitive glass tube is calibrated to break at a specific temperature, setting off the sprinkler system. Unfortunately, heat from non-fire sources can also break these tubes and set off the system. Heat from space heaters, cooking units, steam, or even sunlight can accidentally overheat the glass tubes to the point that they break.

4. Freezing

When sprinkler systems are exposed to extreme cold, they can freeze and burst. This can occur in walk-in freezers, warehouses, or any other space that regularly reaches freezing temperatures. If an area with a wet fire sprinkler system encounters unusually cold conditions, the pipes or sprinkler heads will fail, causing potential flooding. Same-day sprinkler service is essential so that the water can be stopped and the pipes can be replaced, insulated, or replaced with a dry fire sprinkler system. If you are concerned about your sprinkler system’s ability to endure cold conditions, contact your local commercial fire prevention service.

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