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The Basics of Fire Pumps in Fire Suppression Systems

Inside of Fire Pumps

Learn all about the critical role fire pumps play in commercial fire suppression.

Does your commercial fire suppression system need a fire pump? Fire pumps play a specialized role in the event of an emergency and are required in some instances. Today we’re going to explain the basics of fire pumps and how they help fight fires.

What is a Fire Pump?

Fire pumps are devices that ensure that fire sprinkler systems work properly. They regulate the water pressure in the sprinkler systems to an adequate level. If your fire sprinkler system needs a fire pump, but doesn’t have one installed, it can be a major problem if a fire should start. Water from the sprinklers might slowly trickle onto the fire due to the low pressure and the fire would hardly be stopped at all.

How Do They Work?

Fire pumps automatically start up whenever the water pressure in a fire sprinkler system drops below a certain level. In general, this only happens when more than one sprinkler activates at the same time or when a firefighting squad hooks up their hoses to the system – that is, during an emergency situation. A secondary part of the fire pump, the jockey pump, keeps the pressure of the sprinkler system up to an artificially high level so that the fire pump’s automatic controller can detect the change in pressure more easily.

Where are Fire Pumps Generally Used?

There are a few situations where fire pumps are usually necessary to maintain an effective fire suppression system.

  • High Rises: The water pressure of a sprinkler system is usually low at the top levels of a high rise building. So if a fire breaks out, the sprinkler heads will need some help getting the water pressure up to an effective level. Thus, many high rise buildings require fire pumps.
  • Warehouses: Similarly, a larger area of coverage will also need assistance in regulating water pressure. Since most warehouses don’t have walls or doors to slow down the spread of fires, they need fire pumps installed as well.

In addition, any building that uses water storage tanks as part of their sprinkler system setup will need a fire pump to create the necessary water pressure in the event of an emergency.

Commercial Fire Pumps from Biles Fire Protection

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