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Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are a huge part of fire safety!

People who aren’t involved in fire safety on a regular basis may not realize that there are a few different types of fire sprinkler systems. Most people understand the basics of how they work and often see the sprinklers themselves placed strategically throughout their workspace, especially on the ceilings. Here is an overview of four different types and how they operate.

Wet Pipe System

As the name suggests, the wet pipe fire sprinkler system uses water. It’s also the most commonly used system out of the list. The water is held under pressure and, when a fire is detected, water is immediately discharged. This system is simple to maintain and one of the most reliable systems.

Dry Pipe System

The dry pipe system is almost the exact opposite of the wet pipe fire sprinkler system as it uses pressurized air. That may sound like it wouldn’t be very effective, but this system does indeed employ water as a suppressant but in a delayed manner. This process is the most useful in areas where the temperature gets below 40 degrees. That cold air could cause a water pipe system to freeze and burst. Therefore, the air in the dry pipe will release the water and allow it to suppress the fire more efficiently.

Deluge System

Deluge fire sprinkler systems are an optimal choice for buildings and areas considered to be highly hazardous. That means that chemicals and other flammable liquids are used on a regular basis. This system offers great protection for that type of environment because they connect to both smoke and heat detectors. Water then discharges from every sprinkler simultaneously.

Pre-action System

The pre-action system uses two triggers before it is discharged. It features both air and water and is activated when the smoke detector goes off. This system is especially useful in spaces with delicate equipment or valuables, like museums or libraries. It also helps prevent accidental discharge in case of a false alarm.   

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