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Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Have peace of mind that you’re protected from a fire with a functioning fire sprinkler system.

The importance of a fire sprinkler system can’t be overstated. Fire sprinklers have saved countless lives over the years. It is important to ensure they are always up to standard and are functioning properly. Here are some of the most important fire sprinkler maintenance tips.

Know The Standards

There are regulations and codes that need to be adhered to when it come to fire sprinkler systems. They all need to be at a certain standard or they will not be acceptable. The National Fire Protection Agency wants to make sure they eliminate as many faulty sprinkler systems as possible. If you are unaware of the standards for your fire sprinkler system, you can contact your local fire protection service.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

It is always smart to have your fire sprinkler system routinely inspected. The more inspections have on your sprinkler systems, the better. It is great to have peace of mind that your building is protected in the event of a fire. Pay whatever it costs. You can’t put a price of the importance of safety.

Keep Records

Whenever you have your fire sprinkler system worked on or checked, you should make a record of it. By doing so, you can accurately determine the next time you should schedule a maintenance visit. Also, your records can prove that you are following the fire sprinkler standards.

Visual Communication

There should always be signs in the vicinity of your fire sprinkler system. They should be in bright colors so they are easy for employees to spot. They should have information on how to the fire sprinkler should be cleaned and inspected. They should also be there to serve as a reminder for employees to leave valves in the open position.

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