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Fire Sprinkler Systems For Commercial Buildings

Fire Sprinkler Systems For Commercial Buildings

There are four main types of sprinkler systems.

Every commercial building needs a sprinkler system, but the type they might need is variable. Different industries and different building types will have different needs when it comes to sprinkler systems. There are four main types of sprinklers, today we’ll walk you through the differences so you can find the right option for your building.


While many believe that the contents of their building are valuable, a pre-action sprinkler is only useful in situations where the threat of water damage is just as dangerous as the threat of fire. This type of sprinkler is often used in museums or buildings that house genuinely irreplaceable items such as art, books, or data centers. This system works by not holding water in the pipes; instead gases such as pressurized nitrogen are held until the sprinklers are activated by a specific event.  

Wet Pipe

For buildings such as high rises and commercial properties, a wet-pipe sprinkler system will react quickly in the case of a fire. The pipes in this type of system are always full of water so they might respond quickly. One of the advantages of this system is that they are low cost for installation and are easy to maintain.

Dry Pipe

For buildings that do not have heating, or that must keep temperatures very low, a dry pipe solution might be best. These types of sprinklers utilize pipes filled with pressurized air. In the event of a fire, the air is released, and water flows freely from the control valves. The benefit of this solution is that as the pipes are kept empty, they can not burst when they freeze.


If you operate an industrial facility that deals in combustible materials such as paints, chemicals, or solvents, a deluge sprinkler system is the way to go. Because these types of materials have a higher chance of flammability and require significant effort to put out, the deluge system becomes the only viable option. Often, deluge systems will use a set of multiple sprinklers in conjunction with either dry chemicals or foam, which is better suited to stopping chemical fires than water.  

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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