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How to Choose a Sprinkler System for Your Facility

How to Choose a Sprinkler System for Your Facility

Need help choosing a sprinkler system for your facility? Biles Fire Protection can help.

Not every sprinkler system is built or designed the same. There are particular types that would work in your facility better than others. Consider the type of facility that you manage or own before choosing which type of sprinkler system to install. Once you keep those characteristics in mind, you’ll be able to choose the sprinkler system that will work the best for keeping the building intact and your employees and other personnel safe.

Wet Pipe Sprinklers

The wet pipe sprinkler system is the most commonly used type. It uses water that is constantly maintained through the pipes. In general, this is the simplest type of sprinkler system because the costs of installation and maintenance are relatively low. In addition, upon activation, the water is immediately discharged through the sprinkler heads. The best type of facilities for the wet pipe system don’t see sub-freezing conditions on a regular basis as they would freeze the water in the pipes. It’s also ideal for facilities that don’t house sensitive or particularly expensive materials.

Dry Pipe Sprinklers

If your facility endures freezing conditions on a regular basis with ambient temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the dry pipe sprinkler system is the best option. That’s because it uses air or nitrogen through the pipes instead of water. When the sprinkler is activated, the pressure is reduced, and then the water is released into the pipes. Because of the more complicated design, this system has higher installation costs and additional maintenance efforts.

Preaction Sprinklers

Environments where sensitive materials and expensive equipment is stored, the preaction system is a top choice. This includes museums, libraries, or even scientific labs. It’s designed to help minimize accidental discharge and water damage to sensitive materials and equipment. Like the dry pipe system, it uses air or nitrogen through the pipes instead of water. This time, an electrically operated valve is triggered by a separate detection system.

Foam Water Sprinklers

The foam water sprinkler system provides a solution that mixes water with a foam concentrate. It’s especially useful in facilities that would require a large response to contain the fire. Facilities, where flammable liquids are worked with and stored, could cause a fire to spread quickly and grow rapidly. This sprinkler system can take on the operation of a wet, dry, or preaction operation but use for foam mixture to completely smother the flames.   

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