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Keeping Your Fire Sprinklers Safe Between Inspections

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Keep your fire sprinklers properly functioning with these helpful tips.

Fire sprinklers are a key component of an effective fire suppression system. They’re on the front lines, so to speak, of any problem that could arise. They’re critical for keeping you, your family, your employees, and your assets safe from the catastrophic damage that fires can cause. Your fire sprinklers will have to be inspected from time to time to ensure that they’re ready to go in case of emergency. Between these regular inspections keep your sprinklers safe by following these easy guidelines.

Don’t Repaint Them

Dried paint can compromise the functionality of your sprinkler system by interfering with the way they are activated in an emergency. The mechanism might catch and slow the flow of water, potentially dangerous in the event of a fire. If you’re repainting a wall or a ceiling with a fire sprinkler on it, use painter’s tape around the edges to make sure that none of the paint gets close to the fire sprinkler’s activating mechanisms.

Never Hang Anything from Fire Sprinklers

No matter how light an item might be, never hang items from sprinkler heads. Their small parts are much too fragile to use as hanging devices and they could break or interfere with the sprinkler mechanism. Plan your decorations to accommodate your sprinklers without utilizing them and decorate your ceiling sparsely.

Consistent Temperatures

It’s understandable to try and save some money by turning off a heater during the winter if going away for an extended period of time. However, consider the amount of money you’ll be losing if a fire were to break out and your sprinklers did not work because the water in the pipes froze. It may cost a little bit more, but keep the temperatures in your office or home consistent in order to protect your sprinkler heads and piping from low temperatures. Have someone check the temperature consistently and give instructions to keep the air temperature regulated while you’re away.

Don’t Store Items Too Close to the Heads

You can weaken the sprinklers’ effectiveness by storing items too close to sprinkler heads. As a general rule, keep about 18-20 inches worth of space so your sprinkler heads have their full range of coverage.

Call Biles Fire Protection for All your Fire Alarm Needs

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