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Prevent Your Sprinkler System From Freezing This Winter

Though the weather has been unseasonably warm lately, freezing temperatures are on their way soon and with that comes concerns over frozen pipes. While most home and business owners understand the importance of preventing their plumbing pipes from freezing, many people don’t realize that sprinkler systems are also at risk of freezing which will prevent them from working as needed. In today’s blog, we share some tips on how to keep your sprinkler system in good working order this winter.


If your sprinkler system freezes, it can spell big trouble.

Prevent Your Sprinkler System From Freezing This Winter

Insulate your sprinkler pipes

The first thing you should do in order to prevent your sprinkler system from freezing is to insulate the pipes that supply the water to your system. The insulation will trap heat and prevent the pipes from reaching freezing temperatures. If you cannot access the pipes in order to insulate them, you can also try the next method.

Keep the temperature up

If you can’t insulate the pipes then you’ll need to prevent them from reaching freezing temperatures in another way. By keeping the thermostat up instead of turning off the heat when everyone leaves for the day, your sprinkler system’s pipes can stay warm enough to ward of freezing.

What happens if my sprinkler system freezes?

Just like plumbing pipes, if your sprinkler system freezes the pipes are at risk of bursting, causing a very expensive mess. In addition to the problem of burst pipes, a frozen sprinkler system will not be able to function properly in the case of a fire, putting lives and your property in danger.

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