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The Advantages Of Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

The Advantages Of Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Having a sprinkler system is essential for fire safety and remaining within safety regulations.

Finding the right sprinkler system for your commercial building is critical for a variety of reasons. Having a sprinkler system is essential for fire safety and remaining within safety regulations. There is significant versatility available and finding the right system can help save you from considerable heartache. Pre-action sprinkler systems are just one of the several options, and they can offer distinct advantages depending on your needs.

How Does A Pre-Action Sprinkler System Work?

Since it uses a hybrid of different sprinkler technologies, a Pre-Action system offers the benefit of a slight delay in water dispersal. Using a dry-pipe system as the base, a Pre-Action system ensures that water is not in the pipes and ready for release until the system is triggered. Additionally, a supplemental detection system must be activated via a pre-action valve that is electronically controlled. This system allows for a significantly reduced chance of accidental dispersal and is available in two styles: single or double interlock.

Different Locking Systems

In a single interlock valve system water will be released into the pipes when a combination of smoke and heat activates sprinkler heads. While this will eliminate any chances of accidental water dispersal, there is still room for further protection. In a double interlock system, air or nitrogen fill the piping system and are used to monitor for leaks and can further reduce the chance of accidental discharge. A double interlock system can be challenging to install, but it offers greater security for sensitive environments.  

Who Benefits

There are many types of businesses that will benefit significantly from a Pre-Action sprinkler system. In areas where sensitive and valuable materials are kept, a Pre-Action system can mean the difference between saving and losing those materials. Archives of documents, data centers, libraries, and laboratories are all places where the loss from accidental sprinkler activation can be heartbreaking. While a pre-action system may not offer complete security, it can eliminate unnecessary risks.

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