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The Many Benefits of a Residential Sprinkler System

Residential sprinkler systems are not only beneficial for your safety, they’re also a legal requirement. According to a Maryland law passed in 1990, all dormitories, motels, hotels, and multi-family homes must have a residential fire suppression system in place. In 1992, the law was expanded to include townhomes as well, so it is important to comply. Fire suppression systems offer many benefits and in today’s blog, we explain why.

residential sprinkler system

Residential sprinkler systems aren’t just useful: They’re often required.

The Many Benefits of a Residential Sprinkler System

Save lives

One of the most obvious benefits of a fire suppression system is the fact that it can truly be a lifesaving investment. Each year, thousands of fires occur in residences and businesses that result in many needless deaths. Firefighters’ lives are put in danger every time a fire occurs and they run the risk of injury due to smoke inhalation, falling debris, and dangerous conditions. A sprinkler system can significantly reduce the likelihood that a fire will cause injury by suppressing it quickly and effectively.

Saves money

In addition to saving lives, your residential sprinkler system can save money as well as having one in place can significantly lower your homeowner’s insurance. It’s not unusual to receive discounts of up to 13% for installing a fire suppression system in your home.

Saves water

Even though residential fire suppression systems use water to put out a fire, they use it far more efficiently than the fire hoses used by emergency service personnel. This can greatly reduce the amount of water damage that is caused when the fire is extinguished. In addition, your sprinkler system will kick in as soon as a fire is detected, which means damage will be contained and there is less likelihood that neighboring homes will be affected.

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