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Types of Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

pre-action sprinkler systems

There are two types of pre-action sprinkler systems in use today, and this blog will go over the similarities and differences between them.

There are many different kinds of fire sprinklers, and each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Pre-action sprinkler systems are designed for use in environments that have sensitive equipment, art, or artifacts that are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Like dry-pipe sprinklers, pre-action sprinkler systems utilize pipes filled with air or nitrogen rather than having water already in the pipes. Unlike dry-pipe sprinklers, pre-action sprinkler systems require multiple fire detection events to occur before they engage. There are two types of pre-action sprinkler systems in use today, and this blog will go over the similarities and differences between them.

Single Lock or Standard Pre-Action Sprinkler System

In single lock systems, a pre-action valve holds pressurized water back from entering the building’s pipes until a fire detection event occurs. This prevents pipe leaks, damage, or accidental sprinkler use from damaging sensitive material that can be housed within the building. A supplemental fire detection system will detect a fire, open the valve, and allow water to flow into the pipes. Once this happens, standard pre-action sprinkler systems function in much the same way as wet-pipe systems do. Heat must trigger the individual sprinkler heads for water to flow. This keeps sprinkler heads in other areas of the building from activating and causing unnecessary water damage.

Double Interlock System

A double interlock system provides even more protection against water damage and accidental sprinkler use. Like single lock systems, double interlock systems have a pre-action valve that keeps water from entering the pipes. Unlike single lock systems, the pre-action valve must be open and at least one sprinkler head must be activated before water will enter the pipes. This two-factor activation system gives building owners even more peace of mind regarding water damage.

Which System Do I Need?

While both types of pre-action sprinkler system are used frequently in museums, server rooms, and other spaces with sensitive objects and equipment, the kind of system that you choose will depend on a few factors. Both single lock and double interlock systems are more expensive than standard dry-pipe systems due to the need for more equipment and specialized installation. A double interlock system can provide more protection against accidental sprinkler discharge, but your facility may not need that extra layer of protection. Contact the experts at Biles Fire Protection today to determine which sprinkler system is right for your property.

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