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What Homeowners Need to Know About Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

What Homeowners Need to Know About Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Keeping your residential fire sprinklers properly maintained is a matter of Dos and Don’ts.

When many people think of fire sprinkler systems, they usually picture commercial properties and large, complicated fire protection networks. However, there is a lot of important information about fire sprinklers that homeowners should know for their residential systems as well. Although on a smaller scale, its important that they always remain functional to keep your family and guests safe. Here’s what homeowners need to know about fire sprinkler maintenance.

What Not to Do

Keeping your residential fire sprinklers properly maintained is a matter of Dos and Don’ts. Starting with the don’t list, make sure that you don’t block the heads with any furniture as any blockages could obstruct the water discharge flow. When panting, paint around the heads rather than over them. The paint will not only block the water flow but could also disrupt the heat sensor or deflector. Furthermore, don’t hang anything from the sprinkler heads and never turn the system off.

What You Should Do

The National Fire Protection Association provides standards for maintaining residential fire sprinklers. The most important factor is to keep the control valve open. Keep a copy of the instructions for inspecting and testing the sprinklers nearby and accessible for everyone in the home. This paperwork should include specific instructions from the installer and manufacturer. The National Fire Protection Association also provides recommendations for testing your residential fire sprinklers with visual inspections on a monthly basis. The inspection should include checks for leaks and other damage and ensuring that the water tank remains full.  

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance      

If you notice that your sprinkler heads are damaged in any way, you should have them repaired or replaced immediately. Exposed sprinkler heads in an unfinished part of your home, like your basement, should be covered with a head guard to protect it from bumps. In the winter, you should take measures to keep your pipes from freezing, especially if you have a wet pipe sprinkler system.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Biles Fire Protection

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