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Should You Worry About Accidental Sprinkler Discharge?

Accidental Sprinkler Discharge

Should you be worried about an accidental sprinkler discharge?

Many residential property owners who aren’t required to have sprinklers are reluctant to install them because of the threat of accidental sprinkler discharge. While there is a possibility that your sprinklers could go off without an actual fire being present, the risk is so small that it is almost impossible. So, should you worry about an accidental sprinkler discharge?

How Can Accidental Sprinkler Discharge Happen?

There are a few different situations that can cause accidental sprinkler discharge to happen, including:

  • Overheating: The thing that activates automatic sprinklers isn’t smoke, it’s heat. Sprinklers have a certain threshold for heat before they go off, but they cannot tell any different between the heat coming from a heater or the sun and the heat coming from a fire. If there are areas in your home that are close to skylights, heaters, or other places that are regularly pretty warm, the sprinkler heads should be calibrated to a higher temperature to avoid accidental discharge.
  • Freezing: No, the cold doesn’t also activate your automatic sprinklers, but it can cause other issues. If you have a wet pipe fire sprinkler system, it can freeze during the cold weather and cause an accidental discharge.
  • Mechanical Problems: Just like with almost any appliance, mechanical damage can cause a malfunction in the form of accidental sprinkler discharge. If there is an impact to the head of the sprinkler, it could open up the sprinkler altogether or just contribute to a future problem.
  • Corrosion: Another cause of accidental sprinkler discharge is corrosion, which often happens with very old sprinkler systems that should have been replaced. If you are moving into a home or apartment with automatic sprinklers installed, it doesn’t hurt to ask when they were installed and when the last time that they were serviced was to make sure you’re avoiding an accidental discharge.

Sprinkler Systems from Biles Fire Protection

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