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The Ins and Outs of Backflow Prevention Systems

Backflow prevention systems are an important component of a comprehensive fire safety plan for any commercial buildings that deals with contaminated water. Whether you manage a restaurant, photo developing company, or any other type of establishment where you have to discard of contaminated wastewater, a backflow prevention system will prevent your potable water source from becoming cross-contaminated with your wastewater streams. In fire safety applications, this is incredibly important because all water used in sprinklers should be potable and safe for consumption in case the water comes in contact with people. Learn more about backflow prevention systems in this week’s blog, below.

Backflow prevention systems

Backflow prevention systems are a crucial concern for commercial kitchens.

Backflow prevention systems are highly regulated

The type of backflow prevention device that your facility requires will depend on specific building codes and regulations. The backflow preventer, also sometimes called a cross-connection control device, prevents contamination by keeping potable water separate from waste streams. When water pressure goes down during emergency situations (such as a burst pipe), a backflow prevention system will ensure that no undesirable detritus will be sucked into your supply of clean water. To choose the right system for your needs, you’ll need to consult with an experienced fire prevention company that deeply understands local codes and regulations that will govern your device.

How do backflow prevention systems work?

By using an air gap, a backflow prevention system is able to regulate the connection between potable water streams and contaminated water systems. In areas of the systems where both potable and contaminated water pass through, contaminated water must never flow through potable water. Instead, potable water must always be added to the contaminated water. In the case that your water system fails, there is a risk that contaminated water will move toward an area of lower pressure and into the potable water. A backflow prevention system will help to keep this cross-contamination from occurring.

Biles Fire Protection Services can install the right backflow prevention system for you

No matter your fire protection needs, Biles Fire Protection Services can design and install a system that will work for you. We are proud to offer top-notch customer service including fast response times, reliable support, and affordable prices. We are certified through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and have the knowledge and experience to create the right fire protection system for your home or business. To learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call at 443-701-8330, send us an email, or request a quote online.

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