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Types Of Fire Detection Systems For Your Commercial Building

Types Of Fire Detection Systems For Your Commercial Building

You have a few choices when it comes to fire detection systems.

Do you own a commercial facility? Do you believe that it will be protected in the event of a fire? In addition to practicing proper fire safety, you also want to be sure that your building is equipped with everything it needs if a fire were to occur. A fire detection system is an absolute must for all commercial buildings. Here are the various types of fire detection systems that you can consider for your commercial building.

Manual Systems

This kind of system needs to be manually triggered by someone in the building. Manual systems have been proven to be highly reliable. Also, there is no delay if there was a fire in the building. As soon as it is triggered, some sort of alert, communication, or attempt to stop the fire would occur. The downside to a manual system is that if nobody notices the fire, the system will not be activated.

Automatic Systems

Automatic fire detection systems function the exact opposite of manual systems. As soon as they sense smoke, they will be triggered. A significant benefit of these kinds of systems is that nobody needs to be in the building for it to be activated. For example, if there were a fire on a Saturday when nobody is in the office, an automatic system would be there to save the day. The downfall of an automatic system is that it can fail during power outages. For this reason, you want to make sure if your commercial facility’s automatic system that it is equipped with high-quality backup batteries.


It can certainly be argued the best route to take regarding your commercial building’s fire detection system is to have some combination of an automatic and manual system. This way, your building is protected at all times. If someone were to notice a fire, they could trigger the manual part of the fire detection system. However, if nobody is in the building or nobody sees the fire, the automatic portion of your fire protection system would be triggered instantly if it were to sense smoke.

Commercial Fire Detection Systems from Biles Fire Protection

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