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What is a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

Water or common fire extinguishers are not always the ideal choice when it comes to extinguishing fires. When you are trying to protect critical assets such as IT systems, manufacturing equipment, data storage rooms, or irreplaceable intellectual property or artifacts, water will only damage what you’re trying to save further. In cases such as these, a clean agent fire suppression system is the best fire suppression system choice.  


Clean agent fire suppression systems serve an important function.

What Is A Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

A clean agent is a high performance, low impact fire extinguishant. They do not conduct electricity, are volatile or gaseous, and do not leave a residue when they evaporate. This makes them ideal for fire prevention and suppression in areas filled with sensitive equipment, artifacts, or technology.     


How Do Clean Agents Extinguish Fires?

There are three ways that clean agent fire suppression extinguish fires. These are:

  • Heat reduction
  • Isolation of reduction of oxygen using Argonite
  • Inhibiting the chain reaction of the components mentioned above


Clean Agents Are Fast And Effective

Clean Agent fire suppression can reach extinguishing levels in ten seconds or less, preventing fires from spreading and growing large before they have the chance to do real damage. Clean Agents are incredibly effective when used for fire prevention, and are designed to stop fire in its beginning stages. They are non-conductive and non-corrosive, and will not cause any damage.  


The Benefits Of Clean Agents

Clean agents are safe to use when there people around. They also rapidly vaporize to gas and evaporate cleanly. They leave no residue so there’s no costly clean up or excess damage to worry about. Clean Agents are also an environmentally friendly form of fire safety system, as they are non-ozone depleting and have a short atmospheric lifetime.


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