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What is a Fire Pump and Do I Need One?

Let’s face it: Fire prevention systems can be complicated and overwhelming. How do you know what kinds of sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers you need to keep your family safe? Working with an experienced and skilled fire protection services company will be your best bet in designing the right system for your home, but it’s still important to understand the components that are required for your home. In certain situations, a fire pump may be necessary. If you’re not familiar with this crucial piece of equipment, read on to learn everything you need to know.

 Fire Pump

A fire pump might be required depending on your water pressure.

What is a Fire Pump and Do I Need One?

When is a fire pump necessary?

Fire pumps are required in homes where the pressure in the system is too low to adequately power sprinklers. If your home operates on well water or septic systems, or if the water pressure from the municipal supply is too low, you’ll need a fire pump to pressurize the water enough to ensure your sprinkler system works efficiently.

What does a fire pump do?

A fire pump is designed to pressurize the water in your supply so that it can travel through the sprinkler system. They may be powered by either diesel engine or electric motor, depending on your needs.

How does a fire pump work?

A fire pump is designed to kick in as soon as it detects that the pressure in your sprinkler system drops below a specified threshold. Once activated, the pump pressurizes the water in your system to ensure that it can travel through the sprinklers and piping system. The type of pump you require will depend on your particular situation, so it is important to work with an experienced installer who understands the ins and outs of fire protection so that your design is suited to your needs.


Biles Fire Protection Services can install the right fire prevention system for you

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