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What You Need to Know About Data Center Fire Suppression

Companies will end up spending millions of dollars on data centers, but some of that cost involves protection. You see, fire suppression is one of the most important preventative measures a business can pay for. All of a company’s data can disappear in an instant if a fire damaged the data center. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about data center fire suppression.


data center fire suppression

Data center fire suppression should be a major concern.

Fire Suppression Resources

For fire suppression, companies used to be able to use Halon to put out fires. Overtime, however, it was discovered that Halon was contributing to destroying the ozone layer. It was eventually phased out. But if you have an existing fire-suppression system that uses Halon, you can still buy tanks of gas of Halon.  If you need to build a new system, however, it is illegal to install a new Halon system in your data center. There are two alternatives to Halon now on the market. This includes clean agent systems and inert gases. Clean agent systems stop fires by removing heat from your data center. The inert gases will basically suffocate the fire and deprive it of oxygen. We understand that every data center has unique needs and challenges, so it’s important to talk with fire suppression experts before making a decision.

Considerations for Fire Suppression

When you are planning your fire suppression system, there are several considerations to keep in mind. First, one of the most important factors to consider before selecting a fire suppression system is the amount of space you have available. Systems that use inert gas require a lot of storage space because it uses a high concentration of gas. With halocarbons, the atmosphere can become corrosive when it is discharged. This is obviously an issue for your equipment. But no matter what fire suppression system you decide to use, you have to ensure that the space is enclosed properly to ensure maximum effectiveness.   

Fire Suppression Water Options

While you will need some sort of water option as part of your fire suppression system, water can obviously wreak tons of havoc on your data center equipment. There are options beyond just traditional sprinklers, however, so this is why it’s important to work with a fire suppression specialist to know what is best for your data center.

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