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Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Operating a commercial kitchen or restaurant comes with a high risk of fire – much higher than a normal business. A commercial kitchen fire protection system is one of the smartest investments you can make to protect your facility, your employees and your customers. For commercial kitchen fire protection system installation, inspection and service, customers in Maryland, northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and southern Pennsylvania rely on Biles Fire Protection Services.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Systems

The technicians at Biles Fire Protection Services can evaluate the requirements of your facility and determine the right hood system to ensure complete regulatory compliance and safety. All commercial hoods are designed to capture heat and moisture, while some hoods are designed to also capture smoke and grease vapor. A Type II hood can be installed over an appliance that only produces heat and moisture. A Type I hood is required for appliances that produce smoke or grease vapor. A hood filter is used to capture moisture and grease vapor, and keeps flames out of the exhaust duct.

A hood system for your commercial kitchen or foodservice facility is a significant investment. Hood systems use a large amount of energy and are one of the most important aspects of any commercial kitchen fire prevention system.

Replacement Air Systems

As the hood system expels smoke and air, replacement air needs to be brought back in from outside. Depending on the location, this air may need to be cooled or heated. Our technicians will take replacement air into consideration during the design and installation of your hood system.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention Systems

Protecting your commercial kitchen with a fire prevention system is more than just a smart investment. It’s an essential part of staying compliant with your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction as well as regulations from the National Fire Protection Association. While many advances have been made in the engineering and technology of today’s fire protection systems, many of the changes to modern kitchens come with an increased risk of fire. Biles Fire Protection Services can design and install the optimal system for your commercial kitchen.

High-efficiency appliances that heat up faster and cool down slower create a greater fire risk. Vegetable-based oils that have become more popular as a healthier cooking choice also get hotter much faster, increasing the risk of fire. Grease fires are a serious hazard, and using water can actually spread these fires. Add to this the fast-moving, demanding environment of a busy commercial kitchen, and it’s easy to understand why a properly-functioning fire suppression system is so crucial.

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