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Design & Build Fire Protection Services

Biles Fire Protection Services can design and install a fire protection system tailor-made to meet the requirements of your facility. Whether you face unique environmental issues, heightened regulatory oversight, or have special equipment that needs extra protection, we have the knowledge and experience to engineer the optimal system for your property. We provide design and installation services for commercial and residential customers in Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia.

Fire Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Just as important as regular maintenance and inspection is ensuring that your fire sprinkler system is the correct class and configuration for your property. We design and engineer fire protection systems for commercial and residential properties that meet or exceed the requirements of state and local fire codes, the National Fire Protection Association’s regulations, and the requirements of your insurance provider. Whether you’re conducting a tenant fit-out for a space or need modifications or updates to an existing system, our technicians will evaluate your property for fire hazards, industry requirements and unique circumstances.

Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems

A wet system is the most common type of fire protection system, and is suitable for use in most commercial and residential properties. These systems are highly reliable thanks to relatively simple designs and very few moving parts, such as automatic alarm valves and sprinkler heads. Wet systems generally have lower costs for installation and maintenance.

Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems

In unheated facilities such as warehouses or attics, or exposed environments like parking garages, colder temperatures can potentially freeze water held within pipes leading to the sprinkler heads. Dry systems use air pressure to keep water out of the interior pipes until the system is activated, eliminating the risk of pipes freezing and bursting.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Server rooms, museums, and any properties with equipment or items that must avoid water if possible can be outfitted with a pre-action sprinkler system. These “smart” systems require multiple triggers before emitting water, and can turn themselves off as well. A pre-action system helps avoid unnecessary damage in case of accidental triggers or alarm pulls.

Standpipe Systems

For tall properties with multiple stories, such as hospitals, hotels, and high rise office or apartment buildings, a standpipe system can be installed to allow full water pressure and hydrant access for every floor. Standpipe systems are often installed in a property’s stairwell.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers prevent chemicals or waste from flowing back into the main water system, allowing emergency personnel to connect to a system without concern of contaminating the public water system.

Fire Pumps

If your property has inadequate water pressure or regulations that call for a fire pump, these units can be built into the system we design. Fire pumps increase pressure in the system, and are available as diesel or electric units.

The technicians at Biles Fire Protection have the experience and knowledge to design and install any fire sprinkler system your facility requires. Contact us to schedule a consultation.