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At Biles Fire Protection Services, we understand the safety of your family and your home is your top concern. A properly-installed and regularly inspected residential fire protection system is essential to protecting your home from a fire. We provide residential fire protection system installation, inspection and service for customers in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and southern Pennsylvania.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation, Inspection and Service

In addition to protecting your family and home from fire danger, many multi-family units and newer single-family units are required to have sprinkler systems that meet minimum regulations. The 2009 International Residential Code, has requirements for automatic fire sprinkler systems in new single- and two-family dwellings. Maryland and Washington, D.C. both adopted the International Residential Code in 2011, while Pennsylvania and Virginia have their own requirements for residential sprinklers.

If you’re a contractor building new construction, contact the professionals at Biles Fire Protection Services, and we can assist with design and installation of a new residential system. We also provide inspection and servicing for existing residential sprinklers for both contractors and homeowners. We specialize in installation, inspection and service of 13D and 13R residential systems:

NFPA 13D Residential Sprinklers – Designed for Single- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes

The NFPA 13D standard is a residential sprinkler design standard that applies to single- and two-family homes. A 13D system provides increased safety at an affordable price. These systems utilize residential sprinkler heads that react faster to heat from fire. We can assist with the installation and design documentation, hydrostatic testing, sprinkler temperature rating, as well as service and repair.

NFPA 13R Residential Sprinklers – Designed for Low-Rise Multi-Family Dwellings

For low-rise, multi-family dwellings, the NFPA 13R design standard applies. These systems are designed with residential sprinkler heads for fire protection in smaller multi-family dwellings. The requirements and expense of a 13-R sprinkler system is considerable less than the 13 standard, which applies to high rise multi-family units. Biles Fire Protection Services offers installation, design, inspection and service for 13-R systems.

Residential Fire Pumps for Homes on Well and Septic Systems

Homes that operate on well and septic systems must utilize a residential fire pump in their sprinkler system design, to compensate for the low water pressure in their system. Fire pumps are used to increase pressure in the sprinkler system and can be diesel or electric powered. If your property operates on well water or has inadequate water pressure from the public supply, we can design a fire pump into your system. We also offer residential fire pump inspection, service and repair.

Contact us for more information about residential sprinkler system installation, inspection or service.