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Fire Sprinkler Systems

A properly-configured, regularly-inspected fire sprinkler system can save your property in the event of a fire, before it becomes catastrophic to your business or home. For your fire sprinkler to operate effective in an emergency, it’s essential that it be installed properly and inspected regularly. Biles Fire Protection Services provides fire sprinkler installation, same-day sprinkler service, and fire sprinkler inspection for customers in Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

A wide range of fire sprinkler systems are available, depending upon the needs of your facility. From wet systems to specialized dry or pre-action systems, Biles Fire Protection Services can design and build the optimal commercial or residential fire protection system for your building.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Depending on the type of fire suppression system and the usage and the location of your building, your fire sprinkler system will have different inspection requirements. The technicians at Biles Fire Protection Services can determine the right inspection schedule to ensure you remain complaint with regulations from the National Fire Protection Association and your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction, as well as any requirements from your insurance provider.

Fire Sprinkler Service and Repair

Should service or repair be needed, we offer same-day fire sprinkler service. Our fleet of highly-trained technicians is at the ready and can often be dispatched for service within the hour. We pride ourselves on fast, professional, personalized customer service, and we make the safety of your property our top priority.

Fire Pump Installation, Service and Inspection

For buildings or locations that require a fire pump, due to low water pressure, regulatory requirements, or other issues, we offer fire pump installation, service and inspection. Fire pumps increase water pressure to a fire sprinkler system or standpipe, and many localities have requirements in place for fire pumps to bring water pressure up to the necessary minimum. We can incorporate a fire pump into the design of any fire protection system we install. We inspect, service, repair and provide replacement parts for both diesel and electric fire pumps.

Fire Hydrant Installation, Service and Inspection

If you have fire hydrants on your property that are not maintained by your local authority, you may be required to have regular inspection of the hydrant. Changes and improvements made to the community water supply can affect the performance of your fire hydrant. Biles Fire Protection Services offers regular testing and inspection of fire hydrants as well as service and repair if needed.

Biles Fire Protection Services can install, inspect and service your fire sprinkler system, fire pump or fire hydrant. Please contact us to discuss your fire sprinkler system needs.